Diabetes Information for Patients and Providers

Good diabetes care management begins with education. Independence-4-Seniors understands the need for diabetes care information that can be trusted.

Contact Independence-4-Seniors in DuPage County to learn if your clients or loved ones could be a good fit for our specialized in-home care services. You may also like to review the resources below for diabetes care information.

Downloadable Tools and Tips:

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Web Resources:

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American Diabetes Association Diabetes 24/7 Program
This application from the American Diabetes Association allows you to securely import data from your doctor, pharmacy or laboratory and track information such as blood glucose, A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol, physical activity, medications and weight. Graphs and charts can be viewed online or printed.

12 Tips to Avoid Diabetes Complications
WebMD provides this informative slideshow of simple ways to keep complications from diabetes at bay.

Introduction to Blood Glucose Meters
There are about 75 different types of blood glucose meters available in the United States, each with a variety of features. This link lists some things to consider before making a blood glucose meter choice.

2011 Consumer Guide to Blood Glucose Meters
Diabetes Forecast compares the features of the most popular blood glucose meters in this easy to read chart.

Diabetes Basics: Divide Up Your Plate for Healthy Eating
This video shows how to properly portion vegetables and fruits, protein and starches on a plate to create a well-balanced meal.


Enhancing Life at Home One Day at a Time.

Important Resources for Seniors

Something to Talk About

Quotes from our ClientsI don’t know how we would have gotten through this without you and your staff’s assistance. You probably already know this, but I feel compelled to give you a “report card” on the day staff:
Virginia: She’s an angel, and at the same time, a “whirling dervish” with a non-stop take charge energy level. I can’t say enough good things about her. She cares about her clients and their demise hurts her.
Lucy: Kind and caring. Good Activity level.
As you know, the night crew is on duty when we were generally sleeping, so we had less interaction. Monica is a good and caring person. (She called after Linda’s passing to give her condolences). So is Sue. With less demands, the night crew is different in operation. You guys have the right folks on the right shifts.
That’s what my daughter Keri and I thought. Thought you should know.
In closing, let me say that your service exceeded our expectations. I’ll definitely recommend your firm to anyone that I hear needs help.

- Thanks again, M.R.


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