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Senior Care Vision ImpairmentLet’s face it: cataracts and aging go together like peaches and cream. 90% of those age 65 and older develop cataracts, and by the age of 75, as many as 50% have experienced vision loss as a result of them. And to date, the only recourse to restore cleared vision has been surgery. 

Enter the latest development in cataract control, which… read more

Posted June 20, 2016
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Senior Eye IssuesLimited vision or total vision loss can make living in your own home difficult. Safety can be a risk for seniors, especially if they can’t see dangers – such as an object on the floor, a raised carpet edge, or a loose scatter rug, which could cause them to trip and fall. Reading a medicine bottle label may be hard at the best of times and… read more

Posted June 05, 2015
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Something to Talk About

Quotes from our ClientsThank you so much for providing my father with such quality care during his stay in the hospital. It was so comforting to know he was in good hands when we were unable to be by his side.

I personally want to let you know how much I appreciate the emotional support during that time. Having you there to talk to and also listen when the doctor was speaking put me at ease.

You are a kind and caring person and we are grateful that you are helping us through this emotional time in our lives.

- Sincerely, Barbara


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