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care at homeAn innovative concept, “design thinking,” has become connected to products designed particularly for the elderly. However, in its true form, design thinking actually encompasses a wider purpose: creating product solutions that make life more comfortable – whether the user is young or old.

Seniors can definitely gain advantages from the development of carefully thought out products, particularly in helping improve the quality of care at… read more

Posted September 13, 2016
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senior care technologyToday’s seniors are inundated with an explosion of high tech products aimed at improving their independence and safety and enhancing their lives. They can wear a necklace that responds with emergency assistance when needed, instantly visit “in person” with friends and family through Skype, and even be prevented from wandering with specialized sensors attached to clothing or shoes. 

The issue becomes how to inspire seniors (and… read more

Posted June 13, 2016
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senior hearing testHearing loss or impairment is often considered to be an inevitable part of aging. And while it is true that many seniors do lose some degree of hearing, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can be done about it. Sometimes, the solution is as simple as removing blocked ear wax, while others manage very well with hearing aids, which are becoming smaller and less… read more

Posted February 16, 2016
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