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Chicago home careSince moving several states away from your mom, you’ve made it a point to call her every Sunday morning, without exception. After catching up on what happened over the last week, she always reassures you that yes, she’s eating well, getting plenty of rest, taking her meds, and doing just fine.

However, visiting her in person for a week over spring break paints a different picture.… read more

Posted June 06, 2016
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We often don’t consider common household items and products among the dangers that exist for seniors. However, did you know that adults age 65 and over account for 65 percent of the annual deaths associated with products such as ladders, electrical fixtures and even bedding? Also, over 5 million older adults are treated for injuries associated with these types of products, accounting for around 2 million emergency room… read more

Posted August 29, 2014
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Important Resources for Seniors

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Quotes from our ClientsWe were able to keep the same caregiver (Harriett) whom my mother really liked, and she looked forward to her coming each night - as did we. I will highly recommend Independence-4-Seniors to everyone. The nurses at the hospital were also extremely impressed by Harriett's level of care for my mother

- Pauline B


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