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Opioid DrugsCertain groups of people are typically stereotyped, and it can be hard not to have preconceived ideas of what these people are actually like. As an example, what ideas immediately come to mind when you hear "drug addict"? A young adult struggling to get through everyday life without a fix, potentially resorting to a life of crime to fund his or her habit?

If that is so, you… read more

Posted April 20, 2017
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medications for seniorsAs the saying goes, technology is wonderful – when it works! With so many time-saving and life-improving options at our fingertips these days, it’s easy to begin to rely fully on automation over human interaction. Such is the case with medications for seniors being prescribed electronically; only instead of making life easier, it’s being shown to cause some serious repercussions to seniors.

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Posted January 17, 2017
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pill organizers for seniorsOn average, a senior takes between 15-18 different prescriptions each and every day, so one can understand how easy it can be to miss a pill here and there or take an incorrect dosage. However, the health hazards that happen because of those medication mistakes are substantial. Enter the creation of the pill organizer for seniors: such a simple way to organize… read more

Posted December 12, 2016
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We all know that medications can save lives, but most of us have heard frightening stories about patients who have received incorrect medication – either due to an issue with the doctor or pharmacy. What many people don’t think about is that there is a hidden danger even when we get the right medication -- the danger of non-adherence.

Much like driving down the wrong side of… read more

Posted March 21, 2016
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senior care medication managementThere are over 10,000 prescription medications available in the United States, and nearly one-third of adults take five or more of these medications every day. If you are a caregiver for an aging loved one, the complexity of managing the prescriptions, interactions and dosages can be intimidating. In fact, studies show that 55% of prescription drugs are not taken correctly for a number… read more

Posted March 07, 2016
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