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senior nutritionIn the midst of the busyness in our lives, how often do we grab a quick cup of coffee and a bagel on our hurried way to work, stopping for takeout on the way home to avoid having to cook? Younger adults with a high metabolism, optimum muscle strength, and less chronic health issues can get away more easily with temporarily poor eating habits; however, this is… read more

Posted March 21, 2017
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Undergoing a medical test is rarely an enjoyable experience, with some requiring unpleasant advance preparation, and then all the poking and prodding that may be involved. But researchers are finding better, easier ways to do tests that can provide more information, many times in a less invasive or uncomfortable manner. Here are six of the newer and more exciting developments in medical testing. Check with your doctor to… read more

Posted June 22, 2015
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As our population continues to age, more people have been and will continue to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. While some researchers are looking at ways to cure it, others are working on how to prevent it – and researchers at Chicago’s Rush University Medical Center believe they have discovered a useful tool that may reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Their findings, which… read more

Posted June 10, 2015
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Although not as commonly discussed as other effects of aging, skin care issues in the elderly can cause great discomfort, particularly dryness and bruising. There are, however, some simple steps you can take to relieve and prevent these concerns from getting under the skin of your elderly loved ones.

According to Medscape, the vast majority of seniors over age 65 suffer from dry, flaky, itchy skin due to loss of sweat and oil… read more

Posted March 13, 2014
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Appetites change as people age, but not eating enough or losing weight without trying could be a sign of an underlying health condition in an older adult. It could also be related to an easily resolved situation such as difficulty grasping cooking tools, loneliness at mealtimes or getting to the store regularly. Helping seniors maintain proper nutrition is another step in the fight against geriatric failure to thrive.

Identifying & Treating the Issue

Because decline… read more

Posted November 19, 2013
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