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Because of their high doses and potency, cancer drugs and treatments often cause some unpleasant side effects including severe energy loss, depression, skin impairments, hair loss, nausea and change in appetite. Caregivers can help to buffer these symptoms and make their loved one feel more comfortable in a number of ways, including the following:

Skin Issues: Cancer patients are at risk for numerous treatment- and disease-related skin impairments. Caregivers can help these skin… read more

Posted June 24, 2013
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A cancer diagnosis is difficult for the patient to deal with, and no two people react the same way when hearing the news. Your loved one should be allowed to cope with cancer in his or her own way, while your role should be to support the person in whatever way necessary. At Independence-4-Seniors, we've compiled the following list of ways a family member or friend can support a loved one who has cancer.

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Posted June 17, 2013
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Maintaining excellent nutrition is vital for persons who have been diagnosed with cancer. Proper nutrition helps cancer patients face treatment sessions with reserves to help keep up strength, prevent body tissue from breaking down, rebuild tissue, and maintain defenses against infection. Additionally, people who eat well are better able to cope with any side effects of cancer treatments and may even be able to handle higher doses of certain drugs.

When healthy, eating… read more

Posted June 10, 2013
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For someone dealing with cancer, having the love and support of a close family member or friend is extremely important. Oftentimes, however, out of both care and a sense of duty, family members dive selflessly into the caregiving role without giving much thought to their own needs. When acting as a caregiver for someone with cancer, it is important to know and accept your own limits and have a support system of your own… read more

Posted June 03, 2013
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Quotes from our ClientsJean and Reggie were outstanding and treated my dad with respect, compassion, kindness and affection. My dad was always taken care of - covered 24/7. You eased some of the stresses that accompany an illness like my dad's - I never worried if he was comfortable and treated well.

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