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osteoarthritis painIt is a group no one wants to join, yet even so, as many as 10 million Americans are members: sharing a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Due to the wearing away of cartilage with time, osteoarthritis pain often impacts larger joints, such as the knees, and is often debilitating to a senior’s total wellbeing. With three main recommended treatment solutions – over-the-counter meds to reduce inflammation… read more

Posted September 18, 2017
Tags: Arthritis, Senior Health



healthcare for seniorsIn an ideal world, healthcare would revolve around you and your own preferences, adhering to your specific needs and wishes – fitting within your agenda and routine, unhindered by problems like an unwavering healthcare professional who views health care solutions in black and white. Real life is far from perfect however, and a lot of us choose to submit to doctors’ orders without knowing that there… read more

Posted September 13, 2017
Tags: Senior Health



Dangers of Alzheimer'sIt seems improbable – a pleasant, sometimes disoriented grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease being handcuffed and placed under arrest. Nevertheless that very scene is happening at an alarming rate among seniors, over 100,000 of them, according to the current stats – an increase of just about 30% in the past decade. This significant rise in arrests of the elderly may be partly because of the… read more

Posted September 08, 2017
Tags: Alzheimer's - Dementia, Family Caregiving



family caregivingPerhaps your family rivals those on Walton’s Mountain in its unconditional love, unwavering patience with one another, and determination to stick together through thick and thin. But if your family members are like most, there’s at least some degree of dysfunction, some lingering stubborn sibling rivalry, as well as some lingering competitiveness to be Mom’s and Dad’s favorite. Dynamics such as these can be exacerbated as parents… read more

Posted August 21, 2017



senior sleep disordersTossing and turning, overthinking and worrying are all too common in older adults who struggle with falling - and staying - asleep. Except for feeling a little foggy the following morning, however, along with feeling the need for an afternoon snooze to catch up on lost sleep, the actual repercussions have seemed negligible. That is, until research recently suggested a potential link between senior… read more

Posted August 14, 2017
Tags: Alzheimer's - Dementia, Senior Health


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Quotes from our ClientsJust a little note to thank you for your help in arranging for a caregiver for my parents. Eleanora is a lovely woman who gives excellent and loving care to my parents and she is a perfect fit for them. She is all the things which you described to us and more! Thank heavens for agencies such as yours…..I don’t know how we would have managed without you.

- Sincerely, M.D.A.


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